Tennessee Association of Medical Staff Services

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Emails and notifications of items of interest to the Medical Staff Professional, NAMSS Conference Scholarship opportunities, TAMSS Conference Scholarship opportunities, Certification Scholarship opportunities, eligible for State Recognition Awards, and access to the Medical Staff Professionals Network regarding the best practices and career opportunities. 


Membership in this Association shall be categorized as Active, Associate, and Honorary. Members are to adhere to the NAMSS Code of Ethics and refrain from conduct injurious to the Association or its purpose. No individual shall be denied appointment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, religion, disability or national origin. The Board of Directors shall, at its discretion, create membership categories in addition to those defined herein.

Section 1

Active: Active members shall be those individuals having responsibility in credentialing privileging, and enrolling of practitioners; provider organizations; and/or regulatory compliance organizations in healthcare activities. Active members shall pay dues and shall be eligible to vote and hold office. Active members shall be encouraged to join NAMSS.

Section 2

Associate: Associate members shall be those individuals interested in the overall goals and objectives of the Association. Associate members shall pay dues but shall not be eligible to vote or hold office.

Section 3

Honorary: Honorary membership may be awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors to those who have contributed to the advancement of the goals and objectives of the Association. Honorary members shall not pay dues and shall not be eligible to vote or hold office.