Tennessee Association of Medical Staff Services

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About TAMSS:

The Tennessee Association of Medical Staff Services (TAMSS) was established in 1988 by a group of medical staff professionals seeking to establish an organization which would provide opportunities for advancement of their high standards of education and coordination of information relative to their chosen careers.

We are an organization for healthcare professionals who work in healthcare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, health care management/insurance organizations) and  work tirelessly to verify every aspect of physician and health care workers credentials.  We make sure they are licensed, competent, trained and experienced to perform requested procedures and who meet specified criteria to participate on medical staffs, HMOs, and physician offices.  We emphasize certification in our profession: CPCS and CPMSM.

What is an MSSP?

MSSP is an acronym referring to Medical Staff and Provider Services Professionals.

An MSSP is a professional whose main objective is to protect the public from fraudulent healthcare practitioners and assist genuine, well-trained healthcare practitioners in providing top quality services.

An MSSP normally works as a liaison between the doctors, dentists, podiatrists, and many other healthcare professionals and the administrative personnel within hospitals, ambulatory clinics/surgery centers, managed care organizations, health maintenance organizations, physician management groups, and many other healthcare entities.

The MSSP is the person who receives a healthcare provider's application requesting staff membership and/or clinical privileges in order to see patients within a specific healthcare setting.  Once the application is submitted to the entity, the MSSP reviews the application for completion, then begins the process of verifying the information provided on the application. 

Verification of the information is requested from every school applicant has attended; every previous place of employment or affiliation; licensing boards from every state where they have practiced their profession; insurance companies which have issued coverage during their practice tenure; and professional peer references.

In addition, to the verification of applicant information, the MSSP attends numerous meetings involving review of quality improvement data and assists in analysis of that information for implementation of process improvement. The MSSP is responsible for review and implementation to various federal rulings and accrediting body standards pertaining to the functions of the medical staff and/or provider staff. The MSSP must maintain a knowledge of legal proceedings that may affect the functioning of the medical staff within their specific provider setting.

As you can see, the MSSO profession can be very challenging.  The National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) offers two certifications which may be utilized by the MSSP, as well as their employer, to measure the individual's knowledge of their profession.  The Certified Professionals in Medical Services Management (CPMSM) and the Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) for more information regarding these certifications, please check the NAMSS website.